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After upgrading to ios7 – Iphone5 Sprint

I’m a techno geek in love with useful gadgets. When IOS7 came out, I waited… about 4 hours that is, before upgrading to make sure that my icould backup was ready, before I took the plung.


The upgrade went smooth, with no issues. Then I noticed a few odd things over the proceeding days.


Connectivity issues:

I used to obtain 3G at my house, now it was getting 1X connectivity consistantly. Also driving around I notieced 1x and 3G fluxuate on my IPHONE 5, in areas it was a solid 3G.


I listen to music through my phone while driving. I set it to my favorite feed like I had normally done for years, then the app would fail, no connection. Trying other music apps at stop lights also could not find an internet connection.


Then I noticed, that all my internet connections (web browsing, email) was affected even though I had full 3G bars (dots).


After turning the Airplane mode on/off, the connection would works for days.


My carrier tried to help with resets and data refreshes, but it is not a carrier issue, but an Apple IOS7 one instead.


I can’t be the only one experiencing these issues. How about you?