Chronicales of my Cat and the Litter Robot

My older cat, has been using her Litter Maid device since she was a kitten over 15 years ago.


The machines worked fairly well and would last a few years, but just recently I both another one and the quality was really  lacking. Right out of the box it does not have enough power to rake the simplest waste away even using the same clumping litter.


I decided to find other automated alternatives.  I looked in the the Cat Genie and the Litter Robot.


The Cat Genie was interesting but required buying special litter and a cleansing solution.  After careful research and vetting owner comments, I decided on the Litter Robot.  Little did I know, getting her to use it would be a massive undertaking…

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  • The massive box arrived on 3/21/2015. Standing over 3 feet tall and about 1.5 feet wide. Resembling the lunar lander, this beast looks daunting.

    I filled the globe with her usual litter, hoping she would just start using it immediately, however, she would not have anything to do with it.

    I setup the older box alongside the beast per instructions and was told not to clean older litter box for a few days.

    Well, that was a mistake, the older box started to get really dirty. After about 5 days, I cleaned the older box, but did not put any extra litter in… Cat 1, me 0. She won the first battle.

    With recommendations from others, I purchased Cat Attract litter, and placed it inside the litter robot. That did nothing to attract her to the new unit.

    Then, each day for over a week, I got her acquainted with the new box, playing around it with her and putting her favorite treats on the lip. I placed my hand inside with a treat and she cautiously entered, just for a few seconds, then jumped out.

    It has now been 2 weeks send the unit arrived, and no progress was made.

    Then i decided to take the globe off of the mechanical base and secured it to the floor so it wouldn’t roll. While on the base, the opening into the globe would stand about 8 inches off of the ground.

    While in week 3, she finally went it side and used it once. I took the old box away. Cat 1, me 1. The ordeal continued.

    However, each time I put the unit on the base, she would cried and when I finally did lower the globe, she didn’t use it and eventually went on the bare floor. I put the old box back again with hardly any litter inside. She was eager to use it, nonetheless.

    With the old box getting dirty again, she eventually used the litter robot on the floor. I then put the base back but constructed a wooden ramp so that the opening wasn’t 8 inches above the ground and took the old box away for permanent storage.

    It finally worked! One morning, found she had used the new litter robot while on its base. Yeah!

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